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Top 10 construction technology trends for 2019

From:  GenieBelt Future of Construction 2019  The construction industry is under a significant paradigm shift. When we look back throughout this industry’s history we notice some great advancements have taken place. As the end of the year approaches and we look ahead to 2019 there’s no reason we shouldn’t expect more of the same to occur. […]

9 Incredibly Famous Architects Who Didn’t Possess an Architecture Degree

From :  | by Suneet Zishan Langar Had the worst jury ever? Failed your exams? Worry not! Before you fall on your bed and cry yourself to sleep—after posting a cute, frantic-looking selfie on Instagram, of course (hashtag so dead)—take a look at this list of nine celebrated architects, all of whom share a common […]

10 Innovative Materials That Could Revolutionize the Construction Industry

From:  | by Begoña Uribe | Translated by Matthew Valletta Cement that can generate light? Concrete for building on Mars? Translucent wood? Biodegradable furniture? Pollution absorbing bricks? At first, it sounds crazy but these are only some of the research projects taking place around the world in order to take the construction industry to the next […]